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December. 2022

  • Vol. 6 No. 4
  • Development of microsatellite marker set for deer individual identification and paternity test

    Ji-Yeong Kim, Eun-Ho Kim, Ho-Chan Kang, Cheol-Hyun Myung, Kwan-Woo Kim, Hyun-Tae Lim

  • A study on the conservation status of Korean native chicken populations

    Minjun Kim, Eunjin Cho, Sunghyun Cho, Hyojun Choo, Daehyeok Jin and Jun Heon Lee

  • Adaptive evolution of β-defensin gene clusters by gene duplication and loss during environmental changes in mammals

    Mingue Kang and Chankyu Park

  • Genome-wide association study of reproductive traits of Hanwoo in Gyeongnam province

    Eun Ho Kim, Du Won Sun, Ho Chan Kang, Dae Yong Yang, Cheol Hyun Myung, Ji Yeong Kim, Hyun Tae Lim

  • Estimation of GEBV and Reliability of Hanwoo Carcass Traits using Bayesian Method

    Sungjin Kim, Ji-Hyun Son, Jung-Jae Lee, Tae-Jeong Choi, Deuk-Min Lee, Jung-Gyu Lee, Hyun-Tae Lim, Yang-Mo Koo

  • Genetic parameters of muscle fiber traits and association of a novel polymorphism BspCNI MYOG locus in pigs

    Jun-Mo Kim

  • Indigenous Chicken Farming in Kenya: A Minireview of Genetic Resource, Production Systems, Constraints, and Opportunities

    John Kariuki Macharia, Elijah Oketch Ogolah, Jean Pierre Munyaneza

  • Transcriptome profiling and genomic atlas study for endocrine disrupting chemicals in whole body system of animals

    Yejee Park, Min-Jae Jang, and Jun-Mo Kim

  • Selection of factors influencing calving ease in Korean Holstein cattle

    Mahboob Alam, Jae-Gu Lee, Chang-Gwon Dang, Seung-Soo Lee, Mi Na Park, Sang Min Lee

  • A study on the estimation of Linkage Disequilibrium using SNP(Hanwoo 50K chip) of Hanwoo in Jeollabuk-do

    Ji-suk Yu, Do-Hyun Kim, Hak-kyo Lee, and Jae-Don Oh

  • Monitoring analysis using paternity test genotype data of commercial Hanwoo herds

    Tungalag Buyanjargal, So-yeon Park, Ji-suk Yu, Hak-kyo Lee, and Jae-don Oh

  • WGS data-based consensus sequence recovery and visualization using GeneiousPrime®: A technical approach with Ogye Chicken data

    Thisarani Kalhari Ediriweera, and Jun Heon Lee

  • A comparative study of estimated breeding values with Hanwoo cow using genetic evaluation models

    Dong Jae Lee, Seung Hwan Lee, Duhak Yoon

  • Analysis of Linkage Disequilibrium and Estimation of Effective Population Size in Hanwoo Cow Population

    Seungwon Oh, Duhak Yoon