Current Issue
September, 2021

  • Vol. 05 No. 03
  • Estimation of Pedigree Completeness Index, Inbreeding Coefficient and Effective Population Size of Breeding Stock for Hanwoo Cows

    Yang-Mo Koo, Mahboob Alam, Mina Park, Suhyeon Lee, Dohyeon Lee, Chang-Gwon Dang, Seung-Hui Rho, Ki-Hwan Lee, Tae-Jeong Choi

    This study was conducted to use the pedigree information of Hanwoo cows participating in the Hanwoo cow test project to examine changes in pedigree completion, inbreeding coefficient, and effective group ...

  • A Study on the Estimation of Genetic Parameters on Carcass Traits in Gyeongnam Hanwoo

    Du-Won Sun

    This study was performed to determine the impact of genetic factors on improving Korean cattle(Hanwoo). The data of 65,299 steers, slaughtered in Gyeongsangnam-do from 2009 ...

  • The Analysis on Evaluation of Genomic breeding value in Brindle Cattle using reference population of Hanwoo

    Sun-Kyu Byun, Do-Hyun Kim, Jae-Don Oh and Hak-Kyo Lee

    This study was conducted to estimate the Genomic Estimated Breeding Value (GEBV) using Genomic Best Linear Unbiased Prediction (GBLUP) method in Brindle cattle using Hanwoo reference population ...

  • Identification and characterization of two SLA-2 new alleles of pig MHC classical class I using high-resolution typing

    SeungYeon Youk, Mingue Kang, Hyoim Jeon, Chankyu Park

    The genetic diversity of the major histocompatibility complex (MHC) molecules of pigs has not been thoroughly characterized. In this study, we successfully typed SLA-2 , a pig MHC class I gene ...

  • A Brief Review on Aquaculture Genetics, Machine Learning, and Their Convergence

    Thisarani Ediriweera, Prabuddha Manjula

    This concise account on aquaculture, aquaculture genetics, and emerging trends of its convergence with machine learning, a sub-class of artificial intelligence provides, succinct ...

  • Estimation of genetic parameters and analysis of environmental effects on carcass traits of the Hanwoo brand steer

    Dong Jae Lee, Duhak Yoon

    The aim of this study was to estimate the environmental effects and genetic parameters on carcass traits (carcass weight, eye muscle area, backfat thickness and marbling score) of 8,027 commercial Hanwoo steers ...