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March. 2022

  • Vol. 6 No. 1
  • Impact of Beef Self-Sufficiency Improvement in Korea on Global Greenhouse Gas Emission Reduction

    Jae-Young Heo, Seoung-Woo Baek, Hak-Kyo Lee

  • A study on analysis efficiency through the breeding value evaluation system according to the pedigree depth of Hanwoo in Jeonbuk region

    Do Hyun Kim, Jae Don Oh, and Hak Kyo Lee

  • Validation the Significance of Body Condition Score and Body Composition Traits estimated based on image data for Prediction Meat Quantity Traits in Korean Cattle

    Dong Hui Lee, Young Gyu Cho, Kefala, Chang Wan Sun, Dong Jun Kim, Myoung Jae Lee, Kwang Jei Woo, Soohyung Kim and Kang Seok Seo