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March, 2024

  • Vol. 8 No. 01
  • Whole genome screening for deleterious alleles in Hanwoo cattle

    John Kariuki Macharia, Dong Jae Lee, Seung Hwan Lee, Jun Heon Lee

  • Comparative analysis of the heritability, estimated breeding value, and accuracy of carcass traits in Hanwoo from the Yeongnam Region, considering breeding area and climate effects, utilizing genomic information

    Ji Yeong Kim, Eun Ho Kim, Ho Chan Kang, Cheol Hyun Myung and Hyun Tae Lim

  • Selection of informative markers using machine learning approaches and genome-wide association studies to improve genomic prediction in Hanwoo cattle: a simulation study

    Waruni Ekanayake, Phuong Thanh N. Dinh, Jun Heon Lee, Seung Hwan Lee