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June 2018

  • Vol. 2 No. 2
  • Genetic Parameters and Trends of Carcass Traits in the Hanwoo Cattle Population under Selection

    SeokHyun Lee, SoHee Kim, ByungHo Park, SiDong Kim and ChangHee Do*

  • Regulation role in gene expression of the c.-2894G>A locus on the 5’ promotor region in the porcine PPARGC1A gene

    Jun-Mo Kim*

  • SNP- and pedigree-based estimation of genetic parameters for back fat thickness traits in an F2 intercross between Landrace and Jeju native black pigs

    Hee-Bok Park, Jae-Bong Lee, Moon-In-Cheol, Nam-Young Kim, Jun-Kyu Son, Jae-Hoon Woo, Ji-Hyun Yoo, Sang-Min Shin, Nam-Geon Park In-Cheol Cho and Byoung-Chul Yang*

  • Morphometric Features, Production and Reproduction Potentials of Indigenous Sheep Genetic Resources of Bangladesh

    Saiful Islam, A. K. Fazlul Haque Bhuiyan, Ersaduzzaman, Munir Hossain, Seung Hwan Lee and Mohammad Shamsul Alam Bhuiyan*

  • Differential Expressed Gene Analysis of RNA-seq data with Tuxedo protocol

    Seung-Il Yoo, Sung-bong Jang, Yoon-Ji Chung, and Seung-Hwan Lee