Review on challenges, opportunities and genetic improvement of sheep and goat productivity in Ethiopia

Chiemela Peter Nwogwugwu1   Seung-Hwan Lee1   Egbu Chidozie Freedom2   Prabuddha Manjula1   Jun Heon Lee1,*   

1Division of Animal and Dairy Science, Chungnam National University
2Department of Agricultural Education, Alvan Ikoku Federal College of Education


Livestock production methods in Ethiopia are usually subsistence system with low productivity. Henceforth this paper is expected to gather the information on challenges, opportunities and genetic improvement of Ethiopian sheep and goat productivity. It is further provides highlights on Ethiopian sheep and goat breeds, production systems, constraints such as feed shortage, diseases, absence of enhanced technologies and inputs, institutional, administrative and program support, lack of improve genetic potential of indigenous breeds and conservation, advancement and utilization of AnGRs. However, information extends on past and present genetic improvement and opportunities for example institutional backing for domesticated animals research and advancement, practical use of animal genetic resources, creating different systems of production, practical involvements and intensifying emerging export market of sheep and goat in Ethiopia. Therefore, there is an urgent need to take different measures to tackle these constraints in order to exploit diverse genetic potentials of these animals.

Figures & Tables

Figure 1 Regional states, breeds of sheep and goats in Ethiopia.