The Analysis on Evaluation of Genomic breeding value in Brindle Cattle using reference population of Hanwoo

Sun-Kyu  Byun1   Do-Hyun  Kim1   Jae-Don  Oh1   Hak-Kyo  Lee1,*   

1Animal Molecular Genetics and Breeding Lab, Jeonbuk National University, Jeonju 54896, Korea


This study was conducted to estimate the Genomic Estimated Breeding Value (GEBV) using Genomic Best Linear Unbiased Prediction (GBLUP) method in Brindle cattle using Hanwoo reference population using a theory that Brindle cattle and Hanwoo are genetically similar. For the analysis, using genomic, phenotypic, pedigree information of experimental group brindle cattles and reference group Hanwoo. The outliers were removed during the construction of the reference group, result of the Genomic Evaluated Breeding Values (GEBV) were low figures -19.99 in Carcass Weight (CWT), -5.77 in Eye Muscle Area(EMA), 0.65 in Backfat Thickness (BFT), -0.71 in Marbling Score (MSC) because improvement was not in progress. The accuracy of the GEBV were estimated 0.44 in CWT, 0.43 in EMA, 0.42 in BFT, 0.44 in MSC, which were lower than the previous analysis result of the GBLUP method using genomic information of Hanwoo, and it were similar to the previous analysis result of the BLUP method using pedigree information of Hanwoo. Therefore it is possible to evaluate GEBV using Genomic information of Brindle cattle and Hanwoo reference population, It is believed that it can be used as basic research data that can improve a small herd Brindle cattle in short period at a low cost.

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